release excess weight, cleanse and regenerate your body to regain energy, vitality, and aliveness

My name is akin olokun. I’m an herbalist, holistic life educator, and a vegan and raw and living foods chef. I’m the founder of earths healing cafe, one of the first organic juiceries and herbal stores in Chicago, which I opened in 2010.

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75 Powerful Therapeutic Juices for Specific Health Conditions

Juices for 20+ common ailments

75 simple, easy-to-follow and effective juice recipes that use potent therapeutic roots, herbs, and leafy greens that will begin working in your body instantaneously.

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The eBook features specific juice formulations that help to:

Clear the skin
• Relieve menstrual cramps
• Cleanse the liver
• Alleviate headaches
• Strengthen eyesight
• Reduce mucus
• Reduce inflammation •

Regenerate the joints 
• Cleanse the gallbladder
• Purify the blood
• Balance cholesterol levels
• Overcome iron deficiency
• Aid in sleep & relaxation
• Rejuvenate the prostate

• Restore circulation
• Rejuvenate the pancreas
• Aid digestion
• Relieve heartburn
• Normalize thyroid function
• Strengthen immunity
• Normalize blood pressure

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