Intelligent Living Club

Intelligent Living Club

Intelligent Living Club (ILC) is a private, members-only, resource-rich online portal created by Akin Olokun for individuals seeking to obtain health and life-transforming information.

Member Benefits

ILC members receive access to a vault of valuable resources that, when applied, have the potential to markedly enhance one’s health and quality of life. These resources include the following in-depth protocols:

In addition, Members receive access to a full archive of exclusive content (articles, recipes, etc.) and direct messaging support from Akin, with a 48-hour guaranteed response time.

About Akin Olokun

Akin Olokun is a natural health educator, raw living foods proponent, herbalist, writer, thinker, and plantarian. He describes himself as an “Intelligent Living Advocate,” a designation that aptly encapsulates his dedication to helping people cultivate a healthier, more harmonious life by living intelligently, which he defines as aligning one’s actions, choices, and behaviors with the natural laws that govern existence. (Read Full Bio)

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