The Optimal Way to Eat

The optimal way to eat varies for each person, primarily based on their lifestyle (e.g., activity level), and to a lesser extent, environmental factors such as geographical location. That said, it is crucial not to transgress the bounds of anatomy and physiology, as Homo sapiens biologically most closely resemble frugivores. Thus, notwithstanding external influences, our fleshly frames function most efficiently on diets predicated on plants, particularly fresh fruits and vegetables, along with some seeds, nuts, and herbs.

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How I Minimize Exposure to Microplastics

Microplastics have been discovered in various human tissues, including blood, brain, heart, kidneys, liver, spleen, placenta, and testicles. The minuscule synthetic polymer particles have permeated our environment, and it is impossible to avoid them completely. Nevertheless, it is feasible to implement measures to markedly minimize exposure and thereby mitigate the detrimental effects they exert on the body. Below, I delineate several methods I employ to protect myself against these pervasive pollutants.

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Real Carnivores Eat Raw Meat

True carnivores such as lions, tigers, and wolves eat their meat in its raw state. In contrast, humans who follow meat-based diets primarily consume cooked meat. While real carnivores maintain their dietary practices in accordance with their true nature and inherent instincts, humans who adhere to meat-based diets usually do so due to cultural norms or transient dietary trends. Only a minority of individuals consume large quantities of flesh out of necessity or for survival purposes (e.g., the Inuit, Saami, Nenets, Maasai).

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Inhibition of Abnormal Cell Proliferation and Tissue Formation: A Concoction Containing Potent Anti-Cancer Compounds

An increasing number of individuals in Westernized societies are experiencing abnormal growths within their bodies, such as in the organs (e.g., colon, rectum, lungs, stomach, pancreas, liver, brain, breasts, prostate), as well as in tissues like bones, blood, and lymph nodes. These growths often invade adjacent tissues and spread to other parts of the body, leading to a range of symptoms and complications.

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Activated Charcoal: An Additional Detoxifying Organ

Activated charcoal (AC) is one of the most effective detoxifying agents on Earth. It is made from carbon-rich materials; it can be derived from either an inorganic source (e.g., coal, petroleum), or organic sources (e.g., coconut shells, bamboo, wood [oak, maple, and birch] and peat). Coconut shells are typically the best source material due to their low impurity levels.

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Why You Should Never Get a Tattoo (And What to Do If You Already Have One)

Despite the title of this article, my intention is not to dictate your choices. I respect everyone’s free will, and, frankly, I am indifferent to the decisions people make regarding their bodies. What matters to me is providing information that can assist individuals in making well-informed decisions so that they can create a healthier, more harmonious life for themselves.

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Never Do This When You Wake Up at Night

At nighttime, our perception of problems is profoundly distorted. During this time, the mind perceives even inconsequential issues as severe and insurmountable; it magnifies negative thoughts, making them seem more overwhelming than they actually are. This subsequently increases cortisol and adrenaline secretion, induces anxiety, and makes it difficult to fall back asleep.

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The Dangers of Non-Stick Cookware

Non-stick cookware contains a cocktail of health-damaging chemicals. PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), also known as Teflon, forms the foundation of most non-stick coatings. When subjected to high temperatures, it releases toxic polymer gases that damage the lungs and cause what is known as “polymer fume fever” or “Teflon flu.” However, this is merely scratching the surface (pun intended).

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Seedless Watermelons

I’ve been in Europe for about two months, and I have yet to see a seedless watermelon. While in the U.S., watermelons with seeds are a rarity, the opposite is true here: seedless watermelons are virtually non-existent.

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Kidney Elixir

Kidney Elixir contains some of the most potent nephritic (kidney-specific) plants that aid in cleansing, purifying, repairing, strengthening, and regenerating the kidney tissue, thereby helping improve kidney function/filtration.

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Eyesight Elixir

Eyesight Elixir contains some of the most potent vision enhancing foods and herbs that provide vital nutrients (lutein, zeaxanthin, etc.) to the eye/retina, and help increase blood flow to the eye area, thereby improving the oxygenation of the eye.

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Immunity Elixir

Immunity Elixir contains some of the most powerful antiviral and antimicrobial plants in nature that aid in balancing, rejuvenating, and strengthening the immune system by helping enhance the body’s natural defense mechanisms.

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Iron Elixir

Iron Elixir contains plants that are abundant in the bio-available form of the mineral iron, as well as plants that help regulate iron metabolism…

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Brain Elixir

Brain Elixir is designed to nourish and oxygenate the brain and thereby help to enhance the cognitive function, including memory, attention, and executive function.

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How to Fix Your Adrenals

Adrenal glands play a crucial role in secreting hormones that are vital for critical bodily functions, including the stress response, respiration, inflammation regulation, blood pressure control, sodium/potassium balance, and sugar metabolism. Weakening of the adrenals is a common occurrence, resulting from the impact of modern lifestyles, and it can lead to a variety of health issues that significantly decrease one’s quality of life.

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Ascorbic Acid vs. True Vitamin C

Despite what you may have heard, ascorbic acid and vitamin C are not synonymous. Ascorbic acid is a synthetic compound created in a laboratory. Originally, almost a century ago, it was made from bovine adrenal glands but is now primarily synthesized from genetically modified corn sugar. In contrast, true vitamin C is a product of nature and is exclusively found in whole foods. It consists of a complex of organic molecules naturally present in a variety of sources, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and herbs.

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Biophotons: The Vital Life Force Energy

Life force energy is the force that sustains all life forms, including bacteria, plants, animals, and humans. It permeates the flesh (particularly, the cells) of all living organisms, and serves as a key source of nourishment. Many cultures have a name for Life Force Energy. In China, it is known as “Chi;” In Japan, it is called “Ki;” in India, people know it as “Prana;” in ancient Egypt, it was known as “Ka;” and Native Americans refer to it as the “Great Spirit.”

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Homemade Living Food Plant-Based Baby Formula

I strongly recommend that mothers breastfeed their children for at least the first 24 months. That is the most critical stage of human biological development, and mother’s milk with its singular chemical composition is uniquely suitable to meet the child’s specific needs during that phase. However, in cases of inadequate breast milk supply, or in the face of other factors that prevent the mother from nursing, “Living Food Plant-Based Baby Formula” can be used. The formula is designed to provide a developing baby with vital whole food, plant-based organic nutrition without polluting the child’s body with harmful/toxic ingredients that are found in virtually all commercial/conventional products.

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Herbs That Help Neutralize SARS-CoV-2

Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) is the causal pathogen of the continuing coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. As the vast majority of the world is scrambling to find a synthetic antidote to the virus, few are aware that the remedy has always existed, and it can be found in nature. In this article, I discuss ten plants that have been shown to neutralize SARS-CoV-2, and the mechanisms through which they exert their SARS-CoV-2-inhibiting activity.

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Considerations Regarding mRNA Vaccinations

My intent is neither to dissuade you from getting the new coronavirus vaccine nor to encourage you to partake therein. The primary objective of this article is to provide pertinent information and personal perspective that may help you make a prudent decision. Of course, this is assuming the certainty of being subjected to stringent restrictions were you not to be inoculated leaves you with a choice…

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Herbs for Building Muscle

Mother nature has provides us with muscle-building (and strength-increasing) plants that can assist bodybuilders and athletes in building lean muscle and achieving optimal performance. Perhaps it’s time to put away the body-polluting, inflammation-inducing/acidifying, processed/synthetic supplements (protein powders, BCAAs, creatines, pre-workouts, post-workouts, etc.), and avail ourselves of these natural alkaline plants.

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Things to Do Before Conceiving a Child

A new organism that develops inside the woman’s womb is essentially a product of the lifestyles of the people who conceived it. The quality of the woman’s egg and the man’s sperm, influenced by their physical, mental, and emotional state, are the ultimate determining factors of their future child’s health. Those who intend to become parents have a duty and a moral obligation to take the necessary steps to ensure that their offspring is created with healthy “material” and that its home for the first nine months—the womb—is a wholesome environment that’s free from toxic pollutants.

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Ocular Health

There is a myriad of eye diseases and disorders that afflict modern humans. Nearly a quarter of the world’s population suffers from some form of vision impairment, of which 80% is avoidable. Conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, retinal tears, myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and floaters are becoming increasingly prevalent and are starting to impact even the younger members of our society. According to medical communities, most of these diseases and disorders are of idiopathic etiology and are either irreversible (can only be ‘treated’) or can only be corrected using surgical procedures.

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The Dangers of Smoking Marijuana

Smoke is incredibly injurious to the body, regardless of its source. It irritates the respiratory tract’s mucus membranes inducing mucus overproduction in the airways. The body, which is highly intelligent, creates this excess mucus to protect itself from the caustic effect of smoke. This is why smoking is often accompanied by a chronic cough, which denotes a presence of harmful matter in the system that needs to be expelled.

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Natural Immunity

It is almost impossible to conceive that at no juncture in the past seventeen months have public health officials raised the importance of natural immunity. Considering the blatant, willful disregard for addressing this critical topic amidst an abundance of data on the mechanisms and impact of SARS-CoV-2, putting the integrity and motives of our “health leaders” into question would not be absolutely absurd.

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Bad Body Odor

While sweating is a natural and essential bodily function, the production of malodorous scent indicates internal pollution. In other words, fetid sweat is a consequence of poor dietary choices. “You are what you eat” seems to be the apt dictum here. Fortunately, being an intelligent machine, the body continuously endeavors to eliminate that which could imperil its homeostasis. This means that the impurities ingested or absorbed will come out not just via feces and urine but also through the skin via perspiration.

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Overcoming Sleep Paralysis

Have you ever lied in your bed, and just as you were about to fall asleep, or right upon awakening, you found yourself unable to move and breathe? Despite being awake and conscious, you were utterly powerless and in panic as you had no control over your own body? This phenomenon is known as “sleep paralysis” and is regularly experienced by approximately 10% of the general population.

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Reducing Inflammation

If you are experiencing stiffness, soreness, pain, or swelling anywhere in your body, this tip is for you. Whether you are dealing with a chronic inflammatory issue or are recovering from an acute bone or joint injury or surgery, this tip is for you.

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How to Become Grounded

An ungrounded person is diffident, fearful, hesitant, nervous, uncertain, anxious, irresolute, constantly worried, spaced out, and easily distracted. He or she is often overly self-focused and overthinks and overanalyzes even the banalest things.

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